Demo Reel Shot List

Demo Reel Shot List, 2015

0:09 “Bird with Ball & Chain” (1999): CalArts class exercise, pencil, Photoshop

0:17 “Metamorphosis” (1999) CalArts class exercise, pencil, Photoshop

0:27 “The Ogre & the Mermaid” (2017) personal film, with Motion Heads; director, lead animator, colorist, compositor; pencil, Photoshop, After Effects; scratch music track by Junhee Kim *”in-progress” excerpt 

0:54 “Junior Screening Bumper” (2011) opening animation for University of the Arts Spring 2011 Film & Animation screening; Flash

1:14 “A Walk in the Woods” (2011) personal film; co-director with Karl Staven; co-animator, editor, sound designer; stop-motion; Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

1:35 “King Leaps” (2001) movement test for CalArts MFA thesis film; pencil, colored pencil

1:45 “Danse Pathétique” (1998) University of Oregon 3D class project, with Marion Vitus & Paul Kuck; concept, character design, storyboards, & 1/3 of animation; University of Oregon; 3D Studio Max

2:02 “The Birdcage King” (2002) CalArts MFA thesis; director, composer; pencil, colored pencil, ink; Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

2:28 “Cell Phone” (2009) personal film; director, animator, colorist, compositor; pencil, chalk pastel, colored pencil, grease pencil; music composed by Nathan Cooke; Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

2:41 “Tyzo” (2001) splash page animation for travel website; Flash

3:10 “Do Jump!” (2001) client animation for dance-music-animation performance piece for Chel White Studio (now Bent Image Lab, Portland, Oregon); Flash

3:34 “JoAnnecy” (2005) international workshop, Annecy, France; pencil

3:57 “Motion Heads” (2011) logo animation, Motion Heads animation studio; Flash, Photoshop, After Effects

4:23 “Dreams Tonight” (1999) University of Oregon BFA thesis film; animator, composer; 3D Studio Max

4:45 “Sneeze” (2014) University of the Arts Animation Day project; pencil

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